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The Last Day Lily
We'll take it from here


Ancestors Honored
Buddhist Temple Headstone
Buddhist Headstone
Buddhism and Christianity. More in common than you might think.
Portland Public Phone
Living Systems
Bikes without Locks


Small Shrine of Open Faith
Burger Joint Wall
Nature Moves Slow in Finding its Way to Imperfect Perfection
Prayers Up
Hot Coffee for a Cold Night Respite
Reverse Landscape Selfie
Cold Street Nagatacho Night

Earlier 2020

Landscape View from an Onsen Shuttle
Open for Business
Wabi Sabi Tea Pot
Hoonji Temple Ceremony Room Ceiling
Hoonji Temple Ceremony Room
Walking Home from Work
Suingu スイング
Kōhīban コーヒーバン
"He looks like Mitt Romney"
Morioka-shi Yōkoso sain
Open for Business
Ramen Shop, I think
Traditional Japanese Bamboo Gate
Jidō Hanbaiki
Expat Hangout
Baseball Player Poster
Alley Deity
鴨 Kamo
Takamatsu Park and Pond
Chusonji Temple 2
Chusonji Temple 1
Chusonji Temple Flowers 2
Chusonji Temple Flowers 1
ほうき Hōki
Geibikei Gorge Cave Shrine
Kohi Here
Konbini コンビニ
Sakanacho Takushī and Jitensha-nori タクシー 自転車乗り


Poet House Morioka Japan (詩人の家)
Sakurayama Shrine
Takamatsu Pond Boardwalk
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