Artless. Mostly Wordless.

Pictures Only.

No Approval Required.

This site represents a period that peaked in the years 2013-17, with a bit before and after. COVID life brought pause, as did a MS diagnoses in 2018. Now I must consider practice, in particular the pace and purpose of it, going forward. 

Photography should blend with community, health, and good work. If not, I simply won't do much, if anything, rather than force it or be a dilettante. So it's with care that I leave my website and blog up. Not for vanity, but as a verifiable record and self-curated show of my adventure during this peak period. I might add an image from time-to-time.

Regardless of where I go from here, this body-of-work (and play!) tells its own story and FFS is more interesting than a typical bio.

Travailler moins, produire plus.

Full-time business is unnecessary and unwanted. Serendipity and idle demand-pull craft is my model now. Slow art, yo. But you're always welcome to drop-in and say hello.

When I created substantive images for people, I worked independently in Portland, OR Metro or regionally for private clients and small businesses.

The main focus of my work was environmental portraiture and candid moments.

Suburban Homesteader

Love to travel, when possible. But also happy to work on our developing suburban homestead and take a long lunch. I garden, sharpen digital tools, and find myself active enough in family or community life. We help authors of speculative fiction develop their stories. Our dog keeps us entertained, too.


Respectfully, I do not enter contests or accept awards. I no longer join photography associations or social media networks. I've shown in our area and might again, if the right opportunity presents itself. Local community is enough for me.

Paul Ottaviano Portrait Shoot

"He made the whole shoot fun with lighting, coaching, music. I felt very comfortable as he helped me to relax and have fun, all the while keeping a pulse point on all the other aspects of the photo shoot at the same time."

Judith Shortt, Phoenix Group Real Estate. Hillsboro, OR. 

Conversation is the best social media.

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