"Sometimes what you think is right side up, is upside-down. Being conventional and safe, can be flippant. Non-linear perspectives offer convex dynamics. Reality is unpredictable, and often requires new perspectives."

My portrait style is about making you feel good about yourself.  The intention is to show your value and express yourself contextually. It can be spontaneous, conceptual, or fantasy. 

Photography is a full-time activity for me. I shoot what I want, when I want to. But it's now a part-time business. Serendipity and simplicity is the model, for the time being.

When I work, I do so independently in the Portland, OR area for private clients and small business. Generally, I don't travel for assignments, but I keep an open-mind. I do not enter contests or accept awards. On occasion, I will show in the local area. 


California State University, Fullerton B.A. Communications TV/Film

New York Institute of Photography


Formerly a member of ASMP and PPA. No current memberships. 


Paul Ottaviano

"He made the whole shoot fun with lighting, coaching, music. I felt very comfortable as he helped me to relax and have fun, all the while keeping a pulse point on all the other aspects of the photo shoot at the same time."

Judith Shortt, Phoenix Group Real Estate. Hillsboro, OR. 

Twitter @paul_ottaviano. No IG, FB, or LinkedIn. For additional context on my work, please subscribe to my blog.

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