"It is my pleasure to comment on my experience with Paul. In regard to communications, which is of paramount importance in business photography, Paul was very accurate and thorough. He was superb at managing my expectations regarding time to process the photos. He had the photos available to me and assisted me with my selection process. Paul has been very attentive to my concepts and ideas, and has proven to be a great advisor, helping me to be consistent to my branding. He has been available and responsive to my calls and communications within several media, including texting, email and phone calls. He was professional and timely during our photo shoots, he had a complete direction that he had put together prior to our shoot, and followed it while on the photo shoot. He had to work with several subjects, people and locations, he organized all of those items. All I had to do was show up, and get ready. He did have resources, although, I did have my own make up artist, it was comforting to know that he had that covered if I didn't. He was patient, as we had to schedule (and reschedule) around several people. I have to say, he made the whole shoot fun with lighting, coaching, music. I felt very comfortable as he helped me to relax and have fun, all the while keeping a pulse point on all the other aspects of the photo shoots at the same time. I know this sounds like I am a groupie, I guess I am. It takes a total package and attention to detail to create such a satisfied client, and Paul has achieved that level of professionalism!"

Judith Shortt
Owner, Phoenix Group Real Estate
Hillsboro, OR

"Paul made the shoot fun and interesting, with plenty of entertaining conversation. The pictures of course turned out AMAZING. The skill and artistry show in each vignette. Thank you, Paul!"

Aleta Groenig
Washington State

"Paul was efficient, producing quality photography in a very reasonable time turnaround. He took both traditional shots that you would expect for real estate but, perhaps more importantly, also took shots that were unconventional that highlighted the house in ways unforeseen. His use of color and framing is excellent. In portraiture, Paul is good at putting human subjects at ease and using a variety of techniques to get beyond a surface level to the subject's core character - be it through lighting, staging, or angles. For pet portraiture, he is good at getting quality shots in the oftentimes short time frame that fidgety dogs and cats allow. Paul's greatest strength is that he is technically gifted and very good at adapting that knowledge on the fly to circumstances, resulting in creative, engaging photography."

Erica Naito
Portland, OR

"Paul did a shoot for "a day in the life of Manaia" at my restaurant in downtown Hillsboro. He was an absolute professional and a pleasure to work with. He was very flexible and respectful of all our requests and was still able to capture some amazing interactions between the employees as well as the customers. The final product looked awesome but my favorite part of it was the photo book he made for us. It was a great day and one we will never forget now thanks to Paul!"

Danny Hart
Owner, Manaia Coffee House and Island Grill
Hillsboro, OR 

"Working with Paul was refreshing start to finish. His combination of personality, technical ability, and professionalism are hard to find. During the shoot, he kept atmosphere light, fun, and engaging while still working hard to nail the technical aspects of the challenging lighting conditions. The affable interaction we enjoyed only added to the genuinely positive emotion captured in his shots. I look forward to working with Paul again as soon as the opportunity arises. With Paul you can expect to have a good time while getting results that exceed your expectations. He possesses the rare ability to combine business professionalism with a genuinely creative artistic ability. In my experience its hard to find a photographer that truly listens. Attention to the client's needs is often more important than technical prowess. Luckily Paul excels in both these realms. You will have trouble finding someone more dedicated to both their craft and customer service."

Wes Swaim

Portland, OR

"It was a pleasure working with Paul Ottaviano for the opening of the national touring exhibit "American Heroes: World War II Japanese American Nisei Soldiers and the Congressional Gold Medal." The Oregon Historical Society was one of only six museums in the country to host the medal, and the opening ceremony provided the rare opportunity to have many decorated World War II veterans in one place. Paul was extremely professional, and poignantly captured these true American heroes through his photographic work. We were so appreciative that Paul was able to beautifully document this historic moment."

Rachel Randles
Communications & Marketing Manager
Oregon Historical Society

"Paul provided excellent service throughout his creative process. His photos of the Fly Shop were exactly what I was looking for and he took them with minimal interference to a regular business day. I was very impressed with his professionalism, communication, and photography skills. I could not be happier with the experience and end product."

Wes Campbell, Oregon

"Hello Paul, I wish to thank you for the amazing photographs you took of my horse last summer. You took the time so the sunlight captured her image just right. Your patience working with my mare was appreciated. She was very comfortable with you because of your calm personality. I received many, many compliments for the photos your took. I cannot thank you enough and I look forward to working with you in the future for any photography projects I need. Please feel free to use me as a point of contact for future clients if they’d like receive feedback when considering to have their animals photographed. Thank you."

Kathleen Falk


"Over the years I've attended numerous public event where my curiosity about human behavior leads me to observe the people working on the background, making events happen, serving guests and taking the important and not so important snapshots of the events and the people. Photographers always intrigue me especially the ones who go unnoticed, flow through the crowd, yet they leave their imprint with the finished product of their work - snapshots in time to be appreciated by the subjects and others. This is the art and science of a natural photographer. This is what I observed in the work and product of Paul Ottaviano when he shared the photos he took of the Martin Luther King commemorative march in Forest Grove.”

Alfonso López-Vasquez

Associate Professor and Director of Diversity, Pacific University

ALVA Equity & Diversity Consultants

Gladstone, OR 


"Uncle Paul could shoot a picture of feet, and it would look awesome."

My Nephew


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